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Documentary Stories

Sample works

The Rookie Season

The Rookie Season is a documentary short that follows Minnesota Roller Derby hopefuls through the try-out and drafting process, revealing and celebrating the strength, quirk, and joys these athletes radiate. (Directed, Co-Filmed and Co-Edited)

In this observational short, the Minnesota RollerGirls share their message of empowerment and love of roller derby. (Co-Filmed and Co-Edited)

This observational documentary short follows a sheep auction in the United Kingdom. (Co-Filmed and Co-Edited)

During the American Civil War, United States Colored Troops (USCTs) comprised more than 10% of the Northern Army. Despite this contribution, African Americans were not allowed to participate in the 1865 victory parade to honor Union soldiers. In 2015, black reenactors and USCT descendants joined their white counterparts in honor of the USCT's contributions to Union victory. (Directed, Co-Photographed, Edited)

In upstate New York, hundreds gather on weekends to partake in American Civil War reenactments. Though no Civil War battles occurred on New York’s landscapes, northern reenactments are sites in which participants might reimagine the South and the war waged on its lands. Why reenact the confederacy in New York? (Wrote Copy and Photographed)

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