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Logo: Hannah Nemer, Sensory Storytelling
Logo: Hannah Nemer, Sensory Storytelling
Logo: Hannah Nemer, Sensory Storytelling
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I am a sensory storyteller, experimenting with images and sound to shape narratives.


I picked up the camera for the first time when I was eleven and was told that my visual voice had power. That I had power. I haven't put the camera down since.


I graduated as a Morehead Cain Scholar from UNC in 2014 with a B.A. in American Studies and Peace, War, and Defense. My four years in the land of the pines also taught me an (un)healthy love of southern biscuits, a serious respect for James Taylor, and a love of oral storytelling traditions.


I traded biscuits and grits for fish and chips during my Visual Anthropology M.A. at the University of Manchester, where I explored Ethnographic Documentary and Sensory Media production before heading to Atlanta to serve as a multimedia brand journalist for The Coca-Cola Company.


I currently am a Manager of Internal Engagement, Creative Content, and Strategy at McKinsey & Company, through which I develop content and strategy for the Firm's global internal channels, amplifying leaderships’ communication priorities. In this role I've also had the opportunity to cover live events (such as the World Economic Forum and COP28) through prose and video. 

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